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KM Lumber Products

Spruce and pine lumber - sourced from Finland, Germany, Austria, Russia
Commonly used in building and construction, pallets, as well as joinery and flooring.

Spruce and pine Logs - sourced from Germany

Southern yellow pine lumber - sourced from USA
Southern yellow pine (SYP) refers to a group of pine species made up of the loblolly, longleaf, shortleaf, and slash pines, which thrive in the acidic red clay found in the southeastern United States. SYP is known for its strength, longevity, and beauty which makes it the perfect choice for homebuilding, pallet and furniture parts.

Southern yellow pine logs - USA
SYP logs are used for sawtimber, construction, pallets and landscaping.

Brazilian pine lumber - sourced from Brazil

Brazilian Pine is used in furniture, flooring and millwork.           

South American pine lumber - sourced from Chile and Argentina
Pine is used for furniture, pallet and construction.

Red pine lumber - sourced from Russia

Red pine is used in construction, joinery and furniture-making.

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